Atelier Veronique

Véronique Avon

Having left Provence about thirty years ago, I have painted with oils many landscapes inspired by my family roots in this land of sun and lavender as well as of Herefordshire and the River Wye where I now live with my family.
Later, my traditional landscapes evolved into more imaginary rounded horizon’s scenes of orchards, gardens and sea.
They were little worlds loosely inspired from Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s book of The Little Prince.

I wrote for each painting a Haiku poem, another special creative space, three short lines suggesting the landscape’s own little story.
Alongside oil paintings, I explored Medieval Illuminations with other materials, working on a much smaller scale, playing with Celtic knotwork and angels, and textured colours. I was much inspired by the wonderful Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels.
This colourful ‘journey’ over the years has taken place through many exhibitions as well as in printing my artworks onto greeting cards and prints.

After having put the canvases aside for a while, I am now enjoying working on illustrations for story books, my own compositions as well as illustrating other writers’ tales. Black and white line drawings, watercolours, and more rhythmical Haiku poems are ‘blossoming’ on paper...


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