Atelier Veronique

Véronique's new book


A new compilation of Herefordshire ghosts stories, illustrated by Véronique.

Written by David Phelps

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The Snow



Here is a small example

It had been another bad night. He had woken from a dream of dread and failed to get back to sleep. With dawn he had dozed and then slept through the alarm clock.

The self-catering cottage had been a good idea. He could get up when he felt more rested, have a good breakfast, put the gloom of the night behind him and still get in an afternoon's walk in the snow.

He had planned his route the previous evening so now drove directly to the pub where he had intended to have lunch. It went by an intriguing name. "The Snow Forester." He was glad to find it oak panelled, with a roaring log fire and not at all disheartened that he was the only patron and the young barmaid not inclined to pay too much attention to him. He confined himself to half a pint and a steak and ale pie. The beer was reasonable but the pie was salty. He re-checked his route on the map. anticipating the pleasures to come, a walk through woodland in freshly fallen snow.


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