Atelier Veronique


Our Garden Cat’s Little Almanac




Purring and snoozing,
Snowflakes dancing with snowdrops,
Wintery stillness.
Little cat kisses,
Under fragrant witch-hazel,
Days are lengthening.
A glimpse of the spring,
Through tall gathered narcissi,
The garden whispers…
Soft April showers,
On pastel coloured petals,
Play in the meadows.
Pollen and nectar,
Sweet feast for every bees in
Blossoming orchard!
Warm joy of summer,
Busy clucking family,
Long days’ harmony…
Lingering sunshine,
Caresses butterflies’ wings,
Potager’s bounty.
Proud garden giants,
Gold summer celebration,
Gentle insects’ hum…
Autumnal soft hints,
Shining, ripening harvest,
Prickly delights!
Abundant season,
Intriguing velvety guests
In chilly mornings.
Friendly hide and seek
In the twirling copper leaves,
Bird songs in the mist…
Longest winter’s nights,
Ancient festive traditions,
Happy gatherings!