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Ink and coloured pencils / Encre de Chine et crayons de couleurs
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Scarecrow Greeting Cards
La création du monde (The Creation Of The World)
The Little Mermaid (Illustrations of the fairytale by Anderson)

An asterisk (*) means that the painting is sold.


Medieval Illustrations

I am very interested in Medieval style artwork, icons and story-telling. The characters and their personality, the imaginative ancient flora and fauna are great sources of inspiration.

I particulary like the stained glass-type long and narrow format, which I then frame with Celtic knot-work. Each image carries some symbols and a story each viewer can imagine at their leisure.

Each illustration is beautifully framed in plain natural oak.

Véronique Avon

New !

Contemporary medieval miniatures


Happy Hens Trio (29.5x15cm)
A Tree of Life Quintet

Saint Nonita & Saint David
In the 5th Century, Nonita, daughter of Lord Cynyr Ceinfarfog Of Caer Goch
in Pembrokeshire and a devout nun, was taken by Prince Sandde of Ceredigion.
Gone into hiding, she gave birth to Saint David (Patron saint of Wales) in
the middle of a violent storm which turned into a sea of brilliant light.
Their lives were dedicated to the Christian faith.


A Midwinter Duet

A Tree of Life

Lord Cockerel
Melody Mermaid
Mythical creatures of the seas and rivers, charming, enchanting, sometimes dangerous… sometimes loving brides too…

Celtic Knotwork

Fascination for beautiful ancient sacred illuminations. Lindisfarne Gospels, Book of Kells and many Celtic treasures of creativity where East and West art mingles, imaginary, legendary creatures and plants come to life and tell us stories…

Harmonious geometries, hidden wisdoms in knotworks…

Legenda Aurora, Martha and the Tarasque

The story of Martha and the Dragon comes from Voragine's Legenda Aurea, or Golden Legends. According to this account, Martha went with her sister Mary Magdalene to Marseille after the death of Jesus. It was in France that she tangled with the dragon, in the town of Tarascon.

Snowdrop Angel
Lemon Garden
Topiary Garden
Bluebells Angels

A Quartet of Angels, medieval illustrations (*)
Angel with Citole
Angel with Bagpipe
Angel with Harp
Angel with Timbrel



right handed angel music-angel left handed angel
Right-handed Angel
Angel Musician
Left-handed Angel
Angel of the North
west-angel   east-angel
Angel of the West
  Angel of the East
Angel of the South
Time to dance Time to share Time to play
Time to dance
Time to share
Time to play