Atelier Veronique

The little Mermaid


In the fairytale by Andersen a young mermaid lives in the sea near a big castle. (1) Accidentally she sees the young handsome prince and falls in love with him. She goes to a witch (2) and exchanges her beautiful voice against a magic potion which will transform her fishtail into human legs. So she meets the prince. He is even more stately than in her memories. (3) After some memorable time together, the prince loses all his interest in the young mermaid as he sets his eyes on a red haired beautiful girl. Instantly, the prince marries this girl, leaving the pitiful former mermaid all alone. (4) Since she cannot get her life as a mermaid back, she is destined to die. But in her death her soul joins the benevolent little spirits. (5)

These illustrations were created in 2007 to take part in the Bologna Children Book Fair.