Atelier Veronique

Paysages de Guingois


While painting "traditional" landscapes with rivers, houses, churches and trees for several years, I longed to explore images beyond accurate representations, enjoying breaking a few rules of perspective along the way.

I like St Exupéry's story and illustrations of the Little Prince who leaves his planet to explore the world, looking for friends and a meaning in life ...

My "new work" is an exploration of a rounded horizon, with earth and water, buildings, trees, ships ...

Living Landscapes
Little Prince's Fiends
Gardens ... walled gardens
Herefordshire Cider Orchards

English parks
Lighthouses and Sea
Churches, villages and towns
Triptych 1 & 2

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Living Landscapes


Timeless sentinels,
November songs without words,
Evening barcarolle...

Buttercups’ caprice,
Whimsical moments of spring,
Elusive presence…







Homage to a little child’s friend


Antoine de Saint Exupéry, an air pilote for the French postal service, broke down in 1937 over the Sahara Desert. While trying to repair it, he met… a strange little child.

Having left his planet with the help of migratory birds, because of a rose he loved who had made him unhappy, the little child went in search of friends…

This is a special story of exploration and discoveries into friendship.

Pavane for a rose,
Proud velvet, thorny beauty,
Longing for her friend…
(50 x 20 cm)

Discovering friends,
Treasured precious memories,
Golden wheat whispers…

Childhood memories,
Nocturne for a lamplighter,
Sweet roses’ perfume…
A moment in spring,
Little Princess' rhapsody,
Blossoming friendship...

And so, he came home!
Family sinfonietta,
Blossoms of friendships.







Gardens ... walled gardens


Secret Gardens, lost gardens, a British love story with nature…

Wondering which blooms and trees are growing behind the old walls, delightful perfumes as the old doors open, generations of gardeners have nurtured these spaces…

Duet for sisters,
Songs of harmonies and trills,
Silver melodies…
Tumbling companion,
Gentle face and large mild eyes,
Farewell to a friend…
Buzzing and humming...
The poetry of roses,
Her secret garden.
English traditions,
Echoes of summer music,
Shadows of winter...
Village, the bells ring,
The postman has been and gone,
The vicar's on her way.

Angels of the past,
Of far away memories,
Gardeners of souls…

Plain chant in the wind,
Memories of ancient stones,
Old melodies past…

An afternoon stroll,
Whispering paper stories
On a summer breeze…
(50 x 20 cm)(*)

Enchanting roses,
July whispers and blossoms,
Morning melody...
Tending topiaries,
Summer breeze in the stillness,
Waiting for a friend...
Echoes of footsteps,
My lady tends her garden,
Fragrant sonata…

Jolly crooked gate,
The joy of a potager,
Colours and flavours!

Freshly painted gate,
A feast of cottage blossoms,
Fragrant rambling blooms!
Little wooden gate,
Homely budding paradise,
Spring is in the air!
Under vibrant sky,
Walking up or stepping down,
Come! See my garden!
A sweet summer breeze,
Rustling pages unfold,
Childhood memories...
Pottering, weeding,
Joys of summer fragrances,
Good drying day too!

Moments of changes,
An October sonata,
Ends and beginnings…

Pastel summer sky,
Gravel crunching under foot,
Some time to linger...
Mon petit jardin,
By the seaside it blossoms,
Time lingers... quiet...


Herefordshire Cider Orchards

- Joli mois de Mai,
Cider county in blossoms,
Bees are whispering
- Follow the footpath,
Follow the apple perfume,
The breeze brings you home
- Autumn afternoon,
Another fruity harvest,
Pies in the oven
Days are lengthening,
Renewals and beginings,
Frosty, still orchards...
Whispering blossoms,
the rhythm of the seasons,
The return of spring.
Geese are flying South,
Fragrant and fruitful season,
Beginings and ends...
Well-tended orchard,
So gentle, murmuring breeze,
Spring promise of fruits.
Humming summer bees...
Generations of mothers...
Nurturing gardens...
Traditions, seasons,
Another crop, fragrant jewels,
Days are shortening...
Blossoming orchard,
Softly, soflty, gentle breeze,
Joli mois de Mai.
Seasons... another...
Stillness in the morning mist...
Cosy, loving hearth...


English parks

- Amber leaves shiver,
Chilly morning in the park,
Swallows will fly South
Stillness in the park,
Summer tunes and melodies,
Glimmers of brass bands...
- Come to the park, dear,
Whispering trees in summer,
The band is coming
  Good-bye October,
Copper rustles in the wind,
Gold crush under feet.

The Park in Town, England [=>]


Lighthouses and sea

==> Triptych
Lighthouse & Sailing Boat
Lighthouse & Ship
- This way the sky,
That way the watery deep,
The rhythm of steam
- Cruising safely, so,
Steam across the deep blue sea,
Dusk, light in the dark.
- Sailing safely, ho!
Liquid horizon away,
Salty adventures.
Cool and brisk is dawn,
Setting off... blue horizons,
Oh, new adventures...

Sailing to harbour,
Adventures across the seas,
Tired travellers…

- Sailing to harbour,
Seagulls in the stormy dusk,
Home... safe... at long last...
Hidden beach comforts,
Bucket and spade tucked away,
Early evening peace...
  So English, beach huts,
Orderly and colourful,
Murmur of the waves.
Bubbling, the waves,
Running, hopping, skipping too,
Playing with the wind...
Murmuring, the waves,
Postcard of my holiday,
Moments of respite...
Whispering, the waves,
Quiet blossoming summer,
Colours and perfumes...
Seagulls are gliding,
Again, the tide is turning,
Dewy morning peace...
-Dear aunt and uncle,
sending a salty postcard...
Sound of the seagulls...
-Lapping of the waves...
Morning sea breeze, whispering
Holidays' secrets...
Unknown horizons,
Sailing away, sailing back,
The call of the seas…

Humming a ballad,
Songs of the wind and the waves
Through the evening sky.



Churches, villages and towns

A Place of Rest
Country Church
Single House
Street Lamp & House
Three Houses
- Autumn in Wales, gold,
Old stone walls around hills, green.
Grey stone homes, cosy.
Autumn murmuring,
All are safely gathered in,
Timeless gold rustle…
- Town, dewy morning,
Soon children will run to school,
September begins.
Herefordshire church,
Old, so old, and so peaceful,
Nestled on the hill...
Home, where may it be?
Peaceful, restful, warm and still,
Cosy sanctuary...
Red stone house of God,
Sanctuary on the green hills,
Humble in the wind...
- Old timbers creaking,
Crooked home with history,
Secrets of the past
- A place of worship,
The rhythm of the seasons,
A stone cross... blessings...
Russet stone county,
Past and present worshiping,
Eternal green yew.
Country lanes, up, down,
Autumn rustles and whispers,
Let us meet again…

Morning departure,
Travelling through the seasons,
Dreaming adventure…

Wintery slumber,
A blue space between the clouds,
The promise of spring.



When the Mistral blows
Lavender 2
- The cypress keep guard,
Generations of pilgrims,
Ancient sanctuary
- Hot golden petals,
Today the Mistral blows, blows,
Timeless is Provence
- The bell is ringing,
Tiles and stones hot in the sun,
Stillness is fragrant
- Purple the fragrance,
Horizon bluer than blue,
Summer shimmering
Russet silhouettes,
Huddled, old, solid, rustic,
Provence for ever.
Relentless Mistral,
Millers, fathers, grand-fathers...
Forgotten... not quite...
Flocks on the long way
To the green summer pastures...
Journeys of the past...
  Purple memories,
Solitary almond tree,
Patterns of Provence.
So green, dark and proud,
The cypress draw the landscape.
Provençal contrast.
So blue is the sky,
Vibrant colour of Provence.
Footpath to prayers...
So silvery grey,
Whispering leaves of the old
Serene olive trees.
Lavender season,
Strolling through enchanting scents,
Oh, sweet memories…

Hearing the Mistral
Rustling through the garden,
Colour’s mazurka…